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Friday, November 12

Musical Eargasm

     Okay, so I've been lacking on the posts - the past couple of weeks have been hectic! School isn't getting any less stressful unfortunately, plus more & more things are popping into my life, keeping me busy. My Halloween weekend was crazy & fun, however I didn't really take much pictures. The weekend after that, or in other words, last weekend, was definitely memorable.

     Last Friday I went to The Rave in Milwaukee to see rapper J. Cole!!! He is most definitely one of my favorite music artists & it was so cool to see him live - he is SUCH a good performer too so throughout the show I often caught myself in a daze, just watching in awe haha. ♥

*Excuse the horrible photo quality! That's the best one I took from my not-so-great digital camera in the dark.

     It was slightly sad to see one of my favorite months come to an end, but I love November as well. It's that time of year when everyone prepares for the Winter & gets into the holiday spirit :) I've seen people getting a head start on their outdoor Christmas decorations & it definitely puts me in a good mood.

     Plus, if you have a similar taste in music as me, you've probably found November to be a month full of musical excitement! I mean first of all, Weezy was released out of jail on the 4th!!! Then Kid Cudi dropped his 2nd album, Man on the Moon 2: Legend of Mr. Rager. J. Cole's new mixtape, Friday Night Lights, comes out today. Then later this month, Kanye's gonna be releasing his new album called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I mean COME ONNN, is that not a musical eargasm or what?!

     Right now, I'm just freaking in love with November haha.



  1. I do have similar taste in music i love Kid cudi and Kanye!
    Great blog so far =]

  2. Aren't they amazing?! Thanks hun :)