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Friday, October 29

Halloween Hysteria

     This past week has been unbelievably busy that when looking back, it all seems like just a huge blur. I guess I have midterms, sleepless nights, & the Halloween weekend to blame. It's been hard keeping up with the generous amount of schoolwork, making time for my blog posts, & figuring out my Halloween plans - all while trying to maintain a balance in my social life.

     I am so relieved & ecstatic at the same time because I can finally say that the weekend celebrating my favorite holiday has arrived! Unfortunately however, my costume ideas for Halloween are so last minute due to the hectic couple of weeks. I know for sure that for one of my costumes, I am going to be a french maid (I can finally wear the costume I bought last year that I didn't even get to use!). I was also planning on being a sailor, but the costume that I had found online was out of stock in the size that I needed & I haven't been able to find any other decent sailor costumes compared to that one. Since I don't want to dress up as the same thing all weekend, I have decided that I might want to be a bunny because of how simple it is.

     I cannot wait for this weekend to get started! I shall post pictures & updates of my Halloween endeavors shortly after!


Thursday, October 28

Combat Boots: Hate it or Can't get enough of it?

I was never too crazy about combat boots, but they've recently grown on me. I really like the edgy look to them & lately, I've been searching for the perfect pair of boots to wear during the fall because I'm honestly just tired of Uggs. Plus, I feel like they're the perfect everyday boots to wear if you're going for a casual look. Combat boots have grown to be very popular over the last few months & I've been seeing them all over the mall. I'm debating if I should get a pair in either grey or cream & I can't decide because I'm crazy about them in both colors!

Here are a couple of options that I'm considering..

Steve Madden | 'Troopa' in NATL LEA $99.95

Nine West | 'Rivit' in grey / dark grey by Boutique 9 $200

What's your opinion,
Are you guys admirers or haters of the new trend?

I'll update sometime soon with what pair I decide on getting!


Tuesday, October 26

Tights Galore

I currently have this obsession with tights & I seriously can't get enough of them. The fact that it's Fall makes them even more appealing to me because it seems that they can put together any look. If you're not ready to store away your high-waisted skirts or shorts along with the rest of your summer clothes (& believe me, I'm not either), tights may be your solution. You can wear them underneath shorts, skirts, & my personal favorite, sweater dresses! The only thing is that you have to be careful when pairing together different textures that could easily clash, ultimately leading to disaster.

     My Top Favorite are..
  • Opaque Tights! I like the sheerness of them & they won't look so much like leggings.
  • Classy Tights with a Lace-like Pattern. (NOT too overdone though or it looks tacky).
  • Grey Tights. The perfect neutral color to go with anything. Plus, its a popular color this season.
  • Navy Blue Tights. A great, bold color that could either be played down to be subtle, or paired with neutral colors to really pop.
  • Maroon Tights. If you want to be daring & add color to your outfit.
I've found gorgeous tights @ stores such as Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, LOFT, Express, & American Apparel, just to name a few.

Saturday, October 23

My Very 1st Post

Hello everyone! The name's Racheal, & I'm just a girl that loves the everlasting rollercoaster ride of life. I live for thrills, hence the name of the blog :)

I have created this blog with aims of documenting my life & expressing my love for music, & above all - my passion for fashion. Stay tuned.