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Friday, October 29

Halloween Hysteria

     This past week has been unbelievably busy that when looking back, it all seems like just a huge blur. I guess I have midterms, sleepless nights, & the Halloween weekend to blame. It's been hard keeping up with the generous amount of schoolwork, making time for my blog posts, & figuring out my Halloween plans - all while trying to maintain a balance in my social life.

     I am so relieved & ecstatic at the same time because I can finally say that the weekend celebrating my favorite holiday has arrived! Unfortunately however, my costume ideas for Halloween are so last minute due to the hectic couple of weeks. I know for sure that for one of my costumes, I am going to be a french maid (I can finally wear the costume I bought last year that I didn't even get to use!). I was also planning on being a sailor, but the costume that I had found online was out of stock in the size that I needed & I haven't been able to find any other decent sailor costumes compared to that one. Since I don't want to dress up as the same thing all weekend, I have decided that I might want to be a bunny because of how simple it is.

     I cannot wait for this weekend to get started! I shall post pictures & updates of my Halloween endeavors shortly after!


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