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Thursday, November 18

Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston

I've always been fascinated by the decade of the 70's so when I heard of this documentary I, of course, became unbelievably excited. I first heard about it yesterday as I was reading through the November issue of the Elle UK magazine (I know, pretty late since it premiered in April). This documentary presents his rise as a legendary designer which later led to his devastating fall in the 80's. Roy Halston was not only known as America's first celebrity designer but also the fashion icon of the decade. As said by Elle magazine, "Halston was a talk show regular, a Studio 54 staple, and a close friend of Andy Warhol and his entourage." He lived the glamorous lifestyle, full of dancing, discos, and parties. I'm amazed by Studio 54 and extremely jealous of anyone who has ever had the opportunity to experience it before it shut down, so I'm very eager to see it come back to life in this movie! Plus, I can't wait to see Halston's extravagant life secondhand so I'll definitely be watching this asap :)



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