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Monday, November 22

All Hail McQueen

Sarah Burton's S/S 2011 Collection for Alexander McQueen


*I apologize for the inconvenience, I have replaced the original video that wouldn't work with the full version from YouTube! For some reason, the original video said that the video was currently unavailable.. But if you want to see the original video I posted (the shortened version), it still works on W Magazine's website! I have posted the link if you would rather watch that one.

3 minute version on W Magazine


  1. i wish i could wee it.. unfortunately the video is unavailable =/

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry about that! I tried seeing what was wrong..

    For some reason, the video wouldn't play outside of the website that I found it on but it still worked when I went back to the original site.

    Don't worry though because I just replaced it with the FULL version from YouTube instead of the shortened one, so maybe this was meant to happen haha.

    Sorry again! But you can go ahead & watch it now ;)

    I am so sad he's passed away
    I'm honestly still in shock, he was my ultimate favourite designer :(