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Monday, December 6

Long Roadtrips with Little Cash, Recklessness, & Total Freedom

Photography by Jason Lee Parry

     I just recently discovered this photographer & I'm so thrilled that I did because I fell in love with his aesthetic.  I love LOVE love how nature, vintage, & nudity can be seen throughout his entire portfolio.  The women that he photographs always have bold, strong, & intimidating characteristics which I absolutely adore.  I like the edginess in all his photos - he definitely knows how to capture the beauty of powerful, fierce women.

     When asked what his inspiration was, he answered: "Living in a tent in my living room & drinking whiskey for days on in, that's when the ideas really started to flow. Or any kind of fort will do. 60's & 70's playboy mags, old motorcycle films, Jim Morrison's poetry, long road trips with little cash, recklessness, total freedom to be myself, Guy Bourdin, long walks at 3am, my beautiful humble woman, activities that have no meaning, bad weather, complete confidence without cockiness, being with people who do before they think, very small towns & villages, just doing shit that's out of the ordinary." 

     I hope you guys enjoy these pictures just as much as I do!


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  1. stunning pics!:)


  2. amazing post!

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  3. very cool photos! the motorcycle gang one reminds me of an ed that kate moss did for UK (?) vogue. it makes me want to learn how to ride one. BIG TIME!

    great inspiration!


  4. awesome photos . makes me miss summer even more, because there is no way i can dress like that right now in the damn cold weather! lol

  5. Such great photos - thanks for posting these! I NEED THOSE THIGH HIGH BOOTS (hawwwwwttttt) and all those shaggy jackets! x