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Wednesday, December 8

Hate Me Now Then Hate Me When I'm Winning

Pictures from Monday night's Bulls vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game!

     Such a good game!  Had really high expectations for it, & let me tell you I was not disappointed.  Seeing Kevin Durant in person made me really realize how huge he is..  The Bulls played really well - Boozer was on fire & Rose had so many assists ♥  Oh, & I was sitting behind the cutest little boy ever haha.  He kept holding up his sign at inappropriate times while everyone was sitting down & his dad kept kindly telling him that he should put his sign down because some people might not be able to see.  But he was so young he didn't understand, because he would look back at everyone behind him with the most innocent look on his face & then slyly hold up his sign again haha.  Then afterwards he was chosen to take a picture with the Chicago Bulls cheerleaders, it was so funny!  Overall, it was a fun night - the only thing that made me complain (aside from the bad calls that the refs made) was the fact that afterwards, my best friend & I did NOT remember where we parked at all..  We literally walked around the United Center from each parking lot to the next in the freezing cold!  We got tired of walking so then we got pulled around in a medium-sized bike carriage by the nicest man ever, seriously.  I felt so bad because he wasn't really dressed that warm for the freezing weather & we went around for what seemed like forever trying to find our car!  But surprisingly he didn't seem to mind at all, in fact he was delighted to help us out so we tipped him really well.

     Today, well technically yesterday because it's almost 2am now, I went Christmas shopping with my brother.  It was really cool to spend time with him since we hardly have the time to anymore.  Afterwards, we watched the DVD that came with the deluxe version of Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon 2 album.  I got the CD the day it released but I never had the time to watch the DVD until now & let me tell you, it has convinced me to buy tickets for his next show in Chicago - but it's too bad that tour dates have not been announced yet.  However, that doesn't stop me from being excited!!! :)

     Well, I should probably be going to sleep.. Goodnight, loves ♥


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